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Apparently there are still some interesting people reading my journal, people that don't have LJs and that never actually talk to me. Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off, so if you've got something to say, say it now. I'm not all that interesting of a person, so I don't know why you'd spend your time lurking about. It's not like 'oh noes, now people know my secrets!' Anything I post here is stuff that I wouldn't care about telling pretty much any random person off the street. So there you go, fire away. I'm even forward dating this post so that it'll be at the top of my page.

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Oh man, I walked everywhere today, it was great. Got up early for a little coffee diversion as we walked Lacey to work. Stopped off at the Keller Fountain to bask in the awesomeness.

Just like being drunk, but cheaper!

Then caught the bus out to the Reed area, where I had that interview for the "miserable" job. Man, the Reed campus is so freaking pretty. I would probably give an arm to go there. But alas, I am ze poore.

Half-asleep and loving it.

The miserable job didn't seem so miserable after all, infact it seemed like it would probably be cake. Telecommuting even! But I doubt I'll get it. The guy interviewing right after me had a Masters in English Lit. I kind of felt bad for him.

Came back homewise and went on a lovely downtown adventure with Mike. The planets happened to align in such a way that he didn't have to go to work today because the place was being fumigated, so we were free to spend the afternoon with each other. We went to Williams-Sonoma for kitchen porn, Michelle's Pianos for musical porn (rentals!!), all over Pioneer Place mall, and finally to Whole Foods for sushi makins. Now we have a long evening of sushi and sake ahead of us, and life seems pretty damn fine.

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I had a dream that my parents were picking up and moving to Thailand (for reasons unclear), and for whatever reason this meant we had to go with them. The dream was long and drawn out, detailing all the steps we took in getting ready to relocate to a foreign country. I woke up a little disappointed, although Portland is pretty damn cool too.

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Today, being unemployed wasn't so bad.

I rolled out of bed at 10-ish to accompany Tara to an appointment, then came back downtown just to run into JD (of Danube fame), who seemed excited to see me. We made plans to get a beer together sometime in the next few days. Then I met up with Mal, and Mike got home and we went to lunch at that awesomely cheap Italian place on Morrison. Five hours later, I'm finally all showered and ready to go to a dinner hosted by Iliea's ex-boyfriend, who just recently moved to town.

I have a lead on a job answering phones for a clothing manufacturer in the Pearl. It's not at all what I was looking for, but I may try to get it anyway.

Here it comes.. the long-awaited new season of Adventures in Unemployment!!

I saw an ad today on Craigslist that said Collapse )

So OF COURSE I had to apply. How could I not?

I wrote back Collapse )

I'm taking a huge risk here, but this time I want to see if I can't do this the right way - the honest way. I could care less about this one particular job listing, I'm sure they'll ignore me. But it's a start.

I will definitely say that the Manjam experiment has made me worry a lot less about how I phrase these things. Why should I try so hard to not be myself? All that's gotten me is a lot of unpleasant situations. Something about this posting caught my eye, and you know what it was? Honesty. And somehow I'm seriously doubting that this job is as miserable as they say, but still, I can't help but be curious.

needs book rekomendashuns nao plz

I'm looking for a few good books... With my daily bus commute to Tigard, there's been lots of time to read, so I've been rapidly plowing through what little backlog I'd built up over the years. The last couple weeks have been spent with House of Leaves, which was at times difficult to wrap my brain around, but still seeming too short at 600 pages or however much it was. Yesterday I finally started Slaughterhouse Five, and I ought to be finishing it up on my lunch today. I only have a handful of Tim Powers books left to pick up as soon as I make it down to Powell's, having devoured five or six of his in the last couple months.

So, yes. Book ideas, I need them. The only thing I ask is, I don't want something that's just a "good read". I want something mind-blowing, innovative in style, construction, or concept - something that will leave me turning it over and over in my head as I fall asleep each night. Maybe even something that might be able to help inspire me to start writing again (unlikely as it seems from here). Please tell me a little about why you like the book so much. I can promise that if I do end up reading it, I'll post a little mini-review of it here.

Oooh, and please no long lists of titles. Just pick the most awesome one and give me that. :D

Thanks to all of you in advance for keeping the brainmeats moving around.

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I'm exhausted. Our internet is out until Saturday (save for what I can sneak here at work). I called in sick yesterday and the day before.

We somehow managed to get all our moving done this weekend. Many thanks to worshipthesnake and oatmeal who came through at the last minute, and of course to Tara and Lacey who were instrumental as always. It's pretty nifty living in their building, kinda like we're living out our own lame little version of Friends: Portland!. It's nice that I no longer have to put on shoes to go visit them.

Also found some time to make an appearance at drjeff's party Saturday night (I'm sure there are already tons of pictures circulating the net, but I've been unable to see any of them as of yet).

We're going back to volunteering this weekend after a three-week hiatus, so if anyone wants to come take the tour... I'm just sayin', now might be a good choice of time to do it. :D

The Mystery Trip for this month is once again being postponed. I don't think there's much interest, but I felt I should announce it anyway. Further details TBA.

That concludes this installment of Kat Updates*.

* Motto: "Today, just as boring as yesterday, and probably tomorrow too!"